In posting number talks with subtraction problems for my class, I have been pleased to see that many of my students are working flexibly with numbers.  Several of them have been using the Same Difference strategy but I didn’t realize that it had a targeted name until I read the chapter.  I have not had many volunteers share the Add instead strategy so next week I want to post some of the suggestions that invite students to Add Instead and use an open number line to record their thinking.  I am very excited about the different ways that were shown for teachers recording these talks as some of them are different than the ways I have been recording them.  I can’t wait to share these with my team.  I think they make it all make more sense to me and will help my students visualize better what other students are doing.

This week we were doing graphs in class and one of the graphs we made together recorded students’ favorite subject by gender.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the majority of my students’ favorite subject is math – both among the boys and the girls and among those who are strong in math and those who are Inclusion students.  I credit the Number Talks and a few other problem solving strategies from the Round Rock Cohort for this attitude among my students.