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2015-16 will mark my sixth year as a fifth grade teacher at an IB, PYP school in Round Rock Texas.  Previous to that, I taught Special Education in Inclusion and Resource settings in different Round Rock schools.

This year I am participating in a district math cohort with other K-5 teachers and district leaders.  I am planning to remodel the way math looks and feels in my classroom and am excited about the process.

My classroom will be an Inclusion and ESL classroom and we have 1 to 1 devices – Samsung Galaxy tablets.

Math Rocks Post 3

This year, I want to do a major remodel of what my math class looks like by:

  • incorporating ideas on effective math intentional talk
  • facing math anxiety head on with enthusiasm for using imagination to solve perplexing problems and grow as mathematicians
  • set up a mission statement and vision of what my future class wants math to look like and revisiting this frequently
  • set up routines that students can use with predictability such as using Estimation 180, Quick Images, Gallery Walks with revision, Counting Circles
  • incorporate writing into math daily – notice and wonder, what students discovered, big ideas – I want to give students wait time by giving them a chance to write down their ideas before they share with partners or the class and a chance to solidify their learning at the end of activities or a lesson
  • focus on a goal of using “perplexing” problems and discussion sharing strategies routinely

The biggest obstacle that I feel I face is time and pressures to cover everything – I worry that my team will be focused on trying to cover everything rather than choosing the best activities.  I truly want my math classroom to have an enthusiastic energy with a supportive, collaborative discussion atmosphere so that students who are anxious about math become more confident in their mathematical thinking. I have created some anchor charts listing the Intentional Talk processes and plan to develop more with my class and revisit these quickly with them to remind us all of our mission.  I purchased my own copy of Powerful Problem Solving and intend to use some of the many wonderful resources I found to create the fun challenges and learning I want for my class.

Hello world!

2015-16 will be my sixth year as a fifth grade teacher in the Austin, Texas area. This year I am launching into blogging as part of a Math collaborative cohort, Math Rocks.   My personal goal this year is to explore how students and teachers can use imagination in the math to drive curiousity and become more powerful problem solvers.  My classroom was fortunate to became a one-to-one device classroom last year as part of a technology pilot in our district.  Each student has access to a Samsung Galaxy tablet and I am hoping to combine technology with new strategies to make this year’s math instruction the most imaginative and innovative year in my classroom so far.

I am on the lookout for exciting, collaborative strategies to excite my students and build on one another’s imagination in class.

Anne Brady Walker

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